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Testimonials: Testimonials

When I first joined the Quitting Kratom meeting group, I had just stopped taking kratom. Four days after my quit, I joined the first meeting, when the group was just getting started. Since then I have managed to stay off kratom, which was in part made possible by the incredible support the group has provided me. If you are a part of this group and need some assistance, it almost seems as if people are waiting for your vulnerable share with ideas and perspectives you may not have noticed, being caught up in it yourself. The support is truly incredible. 

From guiding me through the initial withdrawals to helping me keep my head up during the emotional lows that follow the acutes, the group made getting those toughest first 30 days easier, and I have no idea whether I would have made it past day 30 without them. After about day 30, as I began to get accustomed to my new clean state of being, I felt more comfortable with myself and relied a bit less on the group for support as I was learning how to emotionally support myself. 

I have heard amazing and inspiring stories, and every so often one comes along that reminds me of just how awful it was to be in active addiction to kratom. Both of these things help keep me strong, and seeing the new quitters overcome their obstacles and fight to get their lives back inspires me to never quit quitting. 


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