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Reminder for those in the midst of withdrawals

Withdrawal is not "hell".

"Hell" is being a slave to drugs and addiction.

Withdrawal is strength, self love, courage, honesty, authenticity, fearlessness, and compassion.

What you are feeling is your body repairing itself. It's waking up from the slumber of suppressing yourmind, body, and soul with drugs.

You are feeling again. You are feeling everything, just as you should be.

Good does not exist without bad. And joy and

comfort does not exist without suffering.

For a tree to grow it's tallest, it's roots must first

reach the depths of hell.

And from this experience, if you are patient and kind to yourself, you will grow into a fuller and l stronger version of yourself.

This is not "hell".

"Hell" is if you were avoiding this one more day.

This is you breaking down the door, having the

strength to take control of your life, and escaping from hell as fast as you can.

Stay strong all.

-Anonymous Reddit User

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